About Us

The North American Collectibles Association (NACA) is a for-profit organization, formed in 1982 to ensure the advancement of numismatics and related collectibles, including coins, currency, watches, jewelry, antiques, fine arts, and all other collectibles. The NACA continues to seek opportunities for the advancement of the collectibles industry and provide services and products specifically for the industry.

To become a member, an individual shall apply for membership and pay the annual dues. As an approved member in good standing, opportunities for networking, member discounts and other benefits are available. The NACA continues to seek ways to enhance the collectibles enterprise and always appreciates suggestions and recommendations by its members.

To contact us:
Adam Steinmetz
North American Collectibles Association
3002 Hempland Rd. Suite B
Lancaster, PA 17601-1362

Elaine Lockard

3002 Hempland Rd. Suite B
Lancaster, PA 17601-1362

Photo of collectible coins